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Prof Richard F. Preziosi
Professor of
Ecological Genetics
Principal investigator

I have two main areas of interest; genetic diversity and conservation. For most areas of my research, these two topics overlap in answering questions about the sustainability of species in ex-situ conservation or the management of wild populations. I am also interested in pure species conservation (especially of amphibians), in the links between conservation and local human communities, and in statistical genetics. I am very interested in experimental design and statistics and the application of novel methods of data analysis.


In general, I am interested in how genetic diversity within a species influences its diversity and evolution. Beyond this, diversity within a species can impact other species or even entire communities of species and the ecosystem services they provide.

Graduate students

Shark fishing, ecology and genetics


Whale shark population genetics

Elephant in Wild
Anita Hashmi

African mammal populations

Agnessa Lundy

Ecological genetics of Neotropical mangroves

Postdoctoral researchers


Marine biology and population genetics


Animal behaviour, temperament,

sociality and communication 

Technical staff and research assistants



Amphibian husbandry technician

Associated researchers


Butterfly on Thistle
Dr Laurence Cook
Alex Gabb

Socioeconomics of mangrove ecosystems

Past members


Dr Johan Oldekop

Dr Victoria Ogilvy

Dr Sharon Zytynska

Dr Everisto Abella

Dr Richard Pearson

Dr Rena Booth

Dr Catherine Tétard-Jones

Dr Daniel Jameson

Dr Rajasekran Palanisamy

Dr Philip Astles

Dr Samuel Partey

Dr Violaine Jourdie-Bodin

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