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Acid... oceans?


As our planet's climate changes, its oceans are becoming more acidic. This is due to the excess of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is a chemical in the air. As we breath in oxygen, we breath out carbon dioxide, whereas plants use carbon dioxide to make the oxygen we breath. Therefore, carbon dioxide is an important part of life on Earth. However, cars and factories spit out more carbon dioxide than what is good for the planet, which is contributing to global warming.

We have designed a series of quick experiments to understand what carbon dioxide does to our oceans, but we need some keen young scientists to help us!

Join us at our next event in Manchester to discover the link between carbon dioxide and acidity, to see what happens when you drop carbon dioxide in water, to find out the acidity of every day items you have in your kitchen, and to see what happens to shells and other marine animals when there is too much carbon dioxide in the sea.

Each activity will be tailored to the age of the young scientist, so toddlers to adults can become environmental scientists for a while and learn something new!


What people have enjoyed about the event...

"Enjoyed watching the colours change & watching the water smoke & fizz"

"The science!"

"They showed me how CO2 is slowly destroying sea shells"

"I enjoyed doing all the experiments"

"I got to learn how the water can change colour using baking soda, vinegar & carbon dioxide"

"Liked watching the water change colour.  Rory wants to be a scientist when he grows up"

"The pretty changing colours"

"Because it’s really fun & we learned cool stuff"

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