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Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino

My research interests span from behaviour to personality, sociality and communication (intraspecific and interspecific) in Felids, Ursids, Varanids, birds to insects.

I supervise PhD, MSc and undergraduate projects in EU and US zoos trying to improve animal welfare, husbandry and animal-human interactions while doing research.

I just finished my two years post-doc on big cats and polar bear veterinary training with Manchester Metropolitan and Milan Veterinary University.

I did my PhD in Veterinary Sciences with Milan Veterinary University in London and other UK and Italian zoos on tiger and lion behavior and personality.

From 2004 to 2014 I contributed running the Avian Malaria survey at ZSL London zoo.

I worked for two years in Prof. Preziosi’s lab. at Manchester University on insects behaviour. I did Masters in Tropical Medicine at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

I have been a high school Chemistry teacher in Italy and I graduated in Biological Sciences in my hometown Genova where I also worked for Genova’s Aquarium.

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