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ICCB 2017 – What a week!

This July, a number of PhD students from the Rowntree and Preziosi labs presented their work at the International Congress for Conservation Biology in the stunning city of Cartagena, Colombia. It was a great week overall, lots of information, lots of networking, and of course lots of fun. It's back to the grind now in grey Manchester for most, so to congratulate the PhD students on their presentations, here they are in pictures:

Sarah Griffiths talking about her work on sponge population genetics in the Caribbean and its implications for restoration. Photo © J Jackson

Hayley Craig on soil microbial communities in mangrove forests in Florida. Photo © J Jackson

Ciara Stafford presenting a pan-neotropical meta-analysis of hunting preferences. Photo © J Jackson

Diana Ballesteros Contreras on the results of her aquarium experiment, looking at the effects of water turbidity on coral.

Alejandra Zamora Jerez with her poster on black-eyed tree frog phylogeography.

Xaali O'Reilly Berkeley's winning design on the conference t-shirt.

And Vanessa Yepes Narvaez won free registration to ICCB2019 in closing ceremony's raffle!

Photo © X O'Reilly Berkeley

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