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We're off to Ecuador again!

It's that time of year again – some of the lab are heading off to Ecuador this week to teach on the Tropical Ecology field course in Andean cloudforest and Amazon rainforest for just over three weeks.

This time, the field course will consist of two parallel courses, one for biology undergraduates at the University of Manchester and a similar but more advanced course for Manchester Metropolitan University masters students.

Prof Richard Preziosi is leading the field course as ever, now from Manchester Metropolitan University. From the University of Manchester, lecturer in plant developmental biology Dr Minsung Kim and PhD student Victoria Spencer (plant molecular biology) will be joining us for the first time. Senior lecturer in animal behaviour Dr Selvino de Kort will also be joining us for the first time, from Manchester Metropolitan University. Returning as postgraduate demonstrators, PhD students Alejandra Zamora Jerez (amphibian genetics and conservation), Ciara Stafford (primate conservation and bushmeat studies), Hayley Craig (mangrove-microbe ecological genetics), and Xaali O'Reilly Berkeley (plant community ecology). Additionally, spider community ecologist Dr Jagoba Malumbres Olarte will be joining us from the University of Barcelona.

Hopefully, students and staff are equally excited for what promises to be yet another fantastic field course in a spectacular part of the world!

View from Timburi Cocha Research Station, San José de Payamino, Ecuador. Photo © X O'Reilly Berkeley.

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