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The Biodiversity Group produce a reptile guide of Payamino!

The Biodiversity Group, which we have had the pleasure of hosting a number of times at the Timburi Cocha Research Station in Ecuador, have finished their guide to the reptiles of San José de Payamino. Together with the amphibian guide from last year it not only is fruit of a tremendous effort, it also represents an important step in defining the herpetofauna of an understudied area of one of the world's richest biodiversity hotspots.

You can find the reptile guide here.


Maynard, R.J., Lynch, R.L., Maier, P., Hamilton, P.S. (2017). Reptiles of San José de Payamino, Orellana, Ecuador.


Maynard, R.J., Lynch, R.L., Hamilton, P.S. (2016). Amphibians of San José de Payamino, Orellana, Ecuador.

Photo © X O'Reilly Berkeley

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