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Funding awarded for ocean acidification research in Colombia

Last 23rd of September, our marine group in Colombia was awarded with another £12K to do research on ocean acidification. This was one of the 40 grants awarded by Universidad de Cartagena to recognised research groups in Colombia under the national Research Council, COLCIENCIAS.

In Colombia, Prof Preziosi and Dr Barrios are part of the research group Hidrobiología (hydrobiology) coordinated by Dr Gabriel Navas. The grant will be used to cover the second year tuitions fees of our MSc student Roy David González Güeto (thesis title: Structural and morphological effects of Ocean Acidification on scleractinian corals from Punta Gigante and Bochachica: an experimental approximation based on artificial systems and differential exposition to run-off waters in Cartagena-Colombia). Our group has covered his first year and most of the equipment, material and fieldwork for his work. Roy currently has the support of Josephine Humphries, a Biology undergraduate student from The University of Manchester who will be working with Roy for the next year in Colombia. But this is not all, our “Hidrobiología” group will also be responsible for another £4 million (awarded grant from Colombian Royalties to Caribbean region) to develop more marine facilities, including our first marine Research Station in Latin America.

Well done to Roy and our marine team in Colombia!

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