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Tropical Biology field course 2015

We're just back from another successful field course in Ecuador – a great time had by all and hopefully an enriching learning experience for our students!

Every year we take a group of 2nd year biology, plant science, and zoology students to two different habitat types in Ecuador: Andean cloudforest and lowland rainforest. The primary aim of the field course is for students to learn how to design an experiment and collect data in the field, while learning about the ecology of one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Cloudforest site: Bellavista Cloudforest Reserve, Tandayapa

Rainforest site: Timburi Cocha Research Station, San José de Payamino

Above: Field course students and staff. By Conrad Paulus D.T. Gillett

Above: Field course staff minus one. By Conrad Paulus D.T. Gillett

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