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Prof Richard F. Preziosi [BSc. MSc. PhD]

Principal investigator

Graduate students

Sarah Griffiths

Population and community genetics of neotropical sponges

Oliver Hughes

Ex-situ orchid propagation and conservation

Ciara Stafford

Amazonian primate diversity and bushmeat

Friederike Clever

Influences on fish community structure within atolls

Graeme Fox

Applications of next-generation sequencing techniques in conservation and ecology

Steve Canty

Community genetics of mangrove ecosystem services

Amy Rowley

Sexual selection in sharks

Xaali O'Reilly Berkeley

Amazonian mammal diversity, bromeliad phytotelm communities, community genetics of turtle grass

Lucas Huggins

Molecular copro-diagnostic tools for identifying parasitic helminths in amphibians

Molecular copro-diagnostic tool for identification of parasitic helminths in amphibians

Samantha Hook

Elasmobranch population genetics

Diana Ballesteros

Population genetics of deep sea corals

Alejandra Zamora

Neotropical amphibian genetics and  biogeography

Vanessa Yepes

Connectivity in Colombian bryozoans

Jade Newton-Youens

Conservation of Malagasy frogs

Alex Gabb

Socioeconomics of mangrove ecosystems

Chloe Helsey

Conservation of Malagasy frogs

Milena Benavides Serrato

Connectivity of Colombian and British
sea urchins

Katie Hunter

Genetic health of captive elasmobranchs

Postdoctoral researchers


Dr Lina Barrios

Marine biology and population genetics

Dr Nathan Truelove

Marine biology and population genetics

Associated researchers


Dr Laurence Cook

Past members


Dr Christina Stanley

Behavioural ecology and sociality of ponies and cockroaches

Daniel López

Amazonian mammal mesopredators

Dr Rachael Antwis

Dr Chris Michaels

Dr Johan Oldekop

Dr Victoria Ogilvy

Dr Sharon Zytynska

Dr Everisto Abella

Dr Richard Pearson

Dr Rena Booth

Dr Catherine Tétard-Jones

Dr Daniel Jameson

Dr Rajasekran Palanisamy

Dr Philip Astles

Dr Samuel Partey

Dr Violaine Jourdie-Bodin


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